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New Heights Cafe

Come and dine in. Try some of our finest food that is made fresh and that will excite your food fetish like none other.


M – F:  6am – 2pm
Sat:       7am – 2pm
Sun:      Closed


5/372 The Entrance Rd, Erina Heights NSW 2260

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Since 2019

About New Heights Café //

I wanted to create a café like no other. With the finest foods that are made on the premises and fresh as you can get.

I wanted to recreate traditional foods in new and inspiring ways to tempt and excite you.  Once you have seen and eaten our food, you will not want to go anywhere else.

Food Reimagined

We have taken outstanding dishes to your local Café.

Nothing but the finest food, presented like no other. We wanted to keep the foods you love but we’ve just made them more memorable.

Fresh Ingredients

All our food is sourced locally and is as fresh as you can get.

We don’t accept any food that is below our top standards as we want you to enjoy every aspect of these delightful dishes.


Daily Menus

Our menu changes often to keep you  yearning to come back. We add many specials on the menu to keep your taste buds keen for more.

Come in today and see what exciting new foods you can try.


A Fresh Approach to Food //

Having fresh produce made on the same day will deliver the best food experience you can imagine.

We go far beyond your expectations as we want you to encounter something unique.  Come in today and try it for yourself.

Make time today

No need to book, just come in and see what’s on the menu for you to try or ask our staff what the specials are.


Any Day,
Any Time //

We are open everyday. So come in on your way to work and get a freshly roasted cup of coffee to get you started. Our lunch menu will get you ready for the afternoon. Delightful food for any day, any time.


Start your day the right way. Enjoy our selection of foods that are delicious for the morning.

Lunch / Afternoon

When your hunger strikes, our lunch menu will have you covered. From our awesome burgers to fresh seafood.


When your sweet tooth is calling you, just let your inner demon try our home made cakes. You know you want to…


What We’re Known For //



Our range of smoothies are designed to tantalise your taste buds but watch out for the head freeze!



If you love burgers you are in for a treat. We have some delicious burgers for you try. 



Treat your sweet tooth to heaven. Our menu will suduce any sweet tooth out there. 

Meet the Owner

Food is my Dream

Passion for food came from my mum, when I was my son’s age, at 4 to 5. I just loved being with her in the kitchen where we used to make spring rolls and lasagnes for our neighbourhood. From then on, my two greatest passions have been cars and food. I wanted to be a mechanic, but my niggling back problem wouldn’t let me bend over the engine bay for long. Plus, I’d have to make my own lunch everyday!

So, I have been a Chef now for over 20 something years. I’ve worked at all levels of the hospitality industry from the clubs and hotels, to the high end of finer dining and working for some big-name guys and some not so big.

All in all, experience is the key. Hard work, perseverance, blood, sweat and some tears have made me what I am today and where we are at the present time. I have worked with every kind of human being imaginable, which in turn has taught me how to deal with a lot of people from various walks of life.

So, New Height Café came from a dream and some influence from older peers to pursue the dream of ‘owning your own place’. I was working at Bells at Killcare at the time where my best mate was the Executive Chef. We had a great time together. However, after a certain amount of time in the game, I was beginning to lose my passion for cooking as I just wasn’t getting any satisfaction out of the job anymore.

I mean, it was great to hear people say things such as: “This is the best breakfast I’ve eaten in a long time”, but that wasn’t really doing anything for me. The inspiration comes from my Mum firstly, then Gordon Ramsey, then a few well known chefs, but mostly I just love food and what you can do with it.
So, I’m quite the lover of the game of basketball. In my travels on Monday nights to the local stadium, I would pass the Erina Heights building which is what we’ve come to know as the New Heights Café.

So, passing the empty block about 4 or 5 times, whilst still at Bells, I thought I might stop in on the way back and check it out.
I instantly could see a little café here, with everything as you see it now, in my head. So as the weeks passed, more interest grew. I applied for it and got it!

It has been two hard long years of working four jobs (Bells, Avoca Surf House, The Elle and a catering agency) seven days a week to get the place to where it is today. I haven’t stopped to take it all in just as yet, but the ride is still going strong. We have set up a great little locals’ hub, where we are serving breakfast, lunch and dinners now. We also have our liquor license, supporting some of the local breweries on the coast.

I couldn’t be happier with how it’s going. Our coffee is the only one of its kind here on the coast and the food speaks for itself. The future is very bright for us as we have the Grammar school to service. We will be providing them a coffee and food service which comes with its own set of challenges, one which I cannot wait to tackle!